Pastoral/Health Ministry

Health Ministry provides hope and Christ’s love to those in need of healing their body, mind or spirit.   The Faith Community Nurse is the initial contact for parishioners with health needs or needs impacting health.  Problem/needs assessment and intervention can occur over the phone, by appointment at the church or during a home, hospital or nursing home visit.  Our Faith Community Nurse is educated to incorporate nursing and medical concepts with theology so that care is focused on healing the body, mind and soul.

 Health Ministry is composed of many different ministries working toward health and wholeness in body, mind and spirit for our parishioners and the greater community.

The health ministries are as follows:

Blood Drive – occurs two times a year, one in Lent and one in early summer.  NEXT BLOOD DRIVE June 2 8A-1P. Look for link on banner the beginning of May 2017!

Seniors Social Group - retired and semi-retired persons get together at least once a month for lunch and often times an outing.  We have gone to Washington DC, Baltimore and Annapolis to name a few.  The members create the schedule for the year.  Check out the most recent schedule on the St Francis website at New members always Welcome!  Literature helpful to senior citizens can be found on the bookshelf in the gathering space.

Prayer Team – Prayer requests are gathered from the basket in front of the church (to the left of the alter), from the prayer telephone line at the church and the prayer request link on our website.  Once the requests are picked up, the requests are distributed to the team members.  Each member than prays for the requests given each day for at least 7 days.  Prayer has been found to be a powerful tool in healing. New members are most welcome!

Blood Pressure Screening Team –team members offer blood pressure screening after masses once a month.  All of the people on this team have professional training in taking blood pressures.  They have all been trained as health care professionals in one way or another.  We take about 15 blood pressures a month, but would like to screen many more people.  The table set up for taking blood pressures also has a lot of educational material about high blood pressure and heart and blood vessel health.  The faith community nurse reviews the blood pressure readings and calls people who have elevated blood pressures to encourage them to follow up with their doctor. Come on in and roll up your sleeve to LIVE!

Postal Ministry –Several volunteers make cards and other volunteers sign and mail the cards to people who are grieving, experiencing illness or difficulty.  40-50 cards are sent monthly.

Prison Ministry –team members take the Eucharist and the word of God to prisoners in the Jessup Correctional Institution (JCI) and Howard County Detention Center.

Meals that Heal –team members provide meals to parishioners who are having a difficult time due to illness or crisis.  A parishioner coordinates this program.  An online site is used for scheduling.  We always find out about special dietary needs, allergies and likes before setting up meal delivery.  We will deliver to a parishioner about 2-3 times a week as needed. NEW TEAM MEMBERS ARE WELCOME!

Bereavement Hospitality Ministry - team members offer set up, managemant and clean up of receptions after funerals, at family request.  New team members are welcome.

Pastoral Visitors – visit and offer the Eucharist to people who are not able to get to church on their own either due to injuries, illness or aging.  Two large assisted living homes for senior citizens and six smaller privately owned assisted living homes located in our surrounding neighborhoods are visited weekly.  Some ministers visit hospitalized people at Howard County General Hospital..  Most of the people visited are elderly.  NEW TEAM MEMBERS ARE WELCOME!

Caring for Christ  - offers transportation, running errand/shopping, respite companion service (no skilled care).  TEAM MEMBERS ARE NEEDED. Please contact the faith community nurse for more information. For all forms and online volunteer training, see side bar on this page.

Lifeline – is a cancer support group facilitated by the faith community nurse.  The group meets once a month at St Francis.  All people are welcome.  Meetings are the 3nd Tuesday of the month 7:30p at St Francis, Room 105.

Bereavement Support Group – is a support group for people who are grieving the loss of a loved one. The group meets at St Francis the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7p in Room 105.  Please call the faith community nurse for more information.  All are welcome however not appropriate for children.

Medical Equipment Loan Program – provides wheelchairs, walkers, canes, potty chairs, shower chairs/benches, crutches and other medical items which parishioners may borrow as needed.  All items are donations to St Francis.  The faith community nurse tries to keep all the equipment in workable order.  People must sign out equipment at the parish office and let the office know when it is returned.  All donations go through the faith community nurse.  

AED Program – is coordinated by the faith community nurse and is registered with Maryland Emergency Medical Services System as a location with an Automated External Defibrillator.   People must be trained in CPR and the use of the AED before they can provide this service.  We now have the whole St Francis staff trained and several other parishioners.  Training is ongoing.  Training is offered by the faith community nurse.

 “Potty Training” (Health Information in the Restrooms) – each month the faith community nurse writes or finds health information which is posted in the men’s and women’s bathrooms.  Next time you go to the bathroom at St. Francis look for this!  See left column for copies of current "potty training".

Faith Community Nurse Services – are available to all parishioners.  These services include consultation on health issues, education, health care advocacy, and health related referrals.  The faith community nurse at St Francis is a Registered Nurse who focuses on health including the entire individual/family in body, mind, and spirit.  A variety of literature and resources are available through the Faith Community Nurse.

Tracey Eberhardt, MS, RN – Faith Community Nurse  410-792-0470 Ext. 214


Health Ministry Schedules:
Prison Ministry Schedule. Click here for current schedule
Blood Pressure Screening ScheduleClick here for
Caring For Christ forms: for volunteers -  requirements & info, application, log
Contact: Tracey Eberhardt, MS, RN
410-792-0470  ext 214


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